• River Country Chamber Announces 2018 Annual Award Winners!

    A Chamber in the Hunt


    Black ties and evening gowns provided a noteworthy mix alongside giraffes, elephants, lions, and hundreds of other less formal attendees at Legends Ranch in Bitely Michigan last weekend.  The River Country Chamber of Commerce of Newaygo County held its 2019 Annual Dinner and Awards Gala on April 26th - in a place fitting for its rapid growth and market dominance in Newaygo County and beyond.  After only brief five years, at nearly 300 Members, boasting double digit growth, and managing massive events that draw thousands of people to the Newaygo communities it serves, this is a Chamber on the move.

     “We wanted to choose a 5th anniversary location that captures the energy, spirit and vision of the Chamber, and to add value to our members experience”, said Colleen Lynema, Executive Director of River Country Chamber. “We really strive to promote business growth through forward thinking and innovation, and Legends Ranch is at the leading edge of hospitality in our County. The Wildlife Center at the ranch is truly extraordinary and on a scale that is hard to comprehend”.

    ”Robert Gutierrez, General Manager of Legends Ranch, stated “We are committed to making this special place the top destination for whitetail hunting in the country.” With hundreds of whitetail trophies, including the largest score whitetail in the world, they are indeed setting an international standard.  

    River Country Chamber believes strongly in recognizing leading businesses, individuals, and organizations that set new standards of excellence in Newaygo County.   2018 Awards voted on by the membership at large, were presented to winners during the course of the evening. They included:

    River Country Image Award: River Stop Cafe in Newaygo

    River Country Trailblazer Award: City of Newaygo

    River Country Legacy Award: Nelson Farm Market in Grant

    River Country Bridge Builder Award: Jon Swinehart  

    River Country Hospitality Award - co-winners included Lisa Lightfoot from Coldwell Banker Schmidt and Caleb Conklin from Newaygo Fitness Club

    River Country Defender Award: Fremont Area Community Foundation

    In addition we had the apportunity to congratulate the Wisner Family on 50 years of business!
    Scott Swinehart, Chairman of River Country Chamber, concluded “ We are celebrating more than a successful year, we are celebrating a successful Chamber of Commerce.  We are proud of our growth, our growing reputation in the community, and of course, our Members who make it all happen.”


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