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    We are considered as your local Discount Tobacco Shop! We have your bagged tobacco as far as High Card, Gambler, and Largo that's considered as our more popular ones. We have your tubes to match your prefrence. We have the biggest cigarello selection in town. We also have a selection of vape juices and accessories. If your looking for a zippo lighter or even the accessories to them like your fluids, wicks, or flints we have those also! If your looking for anything specific, come talk to one of our employees and we can write your request down and hopefully get what your looking for, don't be afraid of suggestions for your local community! We have a small selection of glass product, tobacco use only. We do also do Boost. We can swap your device, sell you a new one with a possible discounted price, we can set you up a family plan, or even a whole new plan all together. We can also change your plan, add insure your phone, or even to just add minutes to your phone. Our staff will be happy to assist you in away possible! Just go ahead and stop on by!

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