• Why Branding Is Still More Important Than Tech for Newaygo County Businesses

    When you hear the word “innovation” in a business context, more often than not, it’s being used in reference to tech. Indeed, many of the top trends to emerge in the business world are fueled by tech progress, but innovation encompasses much more than artificial intelligence, cloud applications, or machine learning.


    Innovation is about discovering new ways to connect with clients — and your brand is infinitely more effective than tech in this regard. Keep reading for more info from the River Country Chamber of Commerce of Newaygo County on how your branding is of utmost importance.  


    Identifying Your Market


    Before a business can succeed, it needs to understand the market in which it will operate. This process, known as market research, helps businesses to identify opportunities and threats, understand customer needs and develop strategies to target specific groups of consumers. There are a number of different methods that can be used to conduct market research, including surveys, focus groups and interviews. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but all can be useful in helping businesses to make informed decisions about their products or services.


    Tech Is Only a Tool for Innovation


    Tech is often heralded as the pinnacle of innovation, but when it comes down to it, it’s nothing more than a tool. The best chatbot in the world is only a vessel to facilitate an artificial conversation. A point-of-sale system exists only to facilitate a transaction. At the core of these interactions is something far more powerful than a machine. It’s the brand that drew these customers to your business in the first place.


    With that said, the right tech can streamline the delivery of your brand and ensure the integrity of customers’ experience. Digital marketing, for example, offers an opportunity to connect with clients organically. Because it typically uses social media, this kind of campaign is a great way to leverage your brand and effective tech at the same time.


    You’ll need to reinforce your branding consistently in order to see results from a digital marketing campaign. This means you’ll need a clear, engaging logo. 


    Your Brand Cannot Be Replicated


    With a memorable logo to catch customers’ attention, you’ll soon realize what every effective marketer knows — tech is replaceable, but your brand isn’t. In fact, tech is often outdated soon after it emerges, but a strong brand is timeless. This is why it’s important to develop an attractive logo, invest in your aesthetic, and hone in on a personality that represents your company. 


    Once you’ve done this, you can assess how tech serves your goals. You should never prioritize tech above your brand, but you shouldn’t discount it either. When used effectively, technology can amplify your company voice, expose you to a new audience, and boost your revenue. Resources like online time management apps and remote work platforms can give your company real-world benefits that enable genuine innovation.


    When you have your branding pretty well established, it’s a great idea to develop a branding guide for your business. This guide contains all of the details that make your brand yours, including your colors, fonts, logo variations, and personas. Compiling all of this information, along with examples, can be tedious, but it is important. Need a PDF merger tool that's free? Using one of these tools can allow you to combine files you already have with this content and these images into what will become your style guide.


    Balance Your Brand With the Right Tech


    Balancing your brand with your company’s tech can be a challenging task. Many small and mid-sized businesses are inundated with messaging that implies tech is the only solution to their problems — and the only way to achieve innovation. This isn’t true, and on the contrary, brand-based innovation is often a more effective way to connect with customers. 


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